The CIO as a transformative leader: transforming service delivery to help inflate bottom lines

Sean HarapkoSean Harapko, Global Media & Entertainment Supply Chain leader at EY, discusses the benefits of service management integration (SMI) and the CIO’s role in it.

While yesterday’s companies were expected to cover and do everything themselves, today’s technology advances and talent shortages are driving them to outsource an increasing amount of services to providers that move up the value chain into front-office functions. Examples of such services are R&D, infrastructure as a service, software as a service or analytics as a service. Effectively managing an increasingly complex and specialized supplier landscape is fraught with challenges. Many of these apply to both the suppliers and the retained organization. Without effective control of these areas, delivery costs can spiral out of control.

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Playing persuader: how CIOs can get businesses to implement a digital strategy

Gilberto LozanoGilberto Lozano, Mexico Strategy Leader – Performance Improvement at EY talks “Going omni” and three other topics CIOs need to keep in mind when creating a digital strategy.

We live in the era of digitalization. The merger of the real and the virtual world, together with business intelligence and technology, have impacted how business is done. Digitalization is rewriting the way companies are approaching the market and, as a result, the rules of competition.

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Turning the tide: consumer products CIOs can convert cybersecurity risks into opportunities

Mark BrownMark Brown, Executive Director EY, Cyber Security & Resilience

The consumer products (CP) sector is evolving, and e-commerce is the norm rather than an exception. Forecasts show that e-commerce globally will almost double from US$1.2 trillion in 2013 to US$2.36 trillion in 2018. With new developments, however, come new challenges. And one of the costliest challenges in the industry today is cybersecurity. But, as some companies have experienced, cybersecurity can also act as a catalyst that helps organizations enhance their business models and unearth new sources of revenue.

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Tapping our way to better health: how CIOs can leverage mobile technologies to improve health care

Aloha McBrideAloha McBride, Principal, Federal Health Advisory Services Practice, EY looks at how CIOs can use technology to transform the health and lives of diverse populations

In a world where everything is available at our fingertips, it isn’t surprising that health care is too. People are swiping screens and pressing buttons to get fitter, improve diagnosis and treatment, provide better pre-natal care and even to control epidemics. With simple apps and wearable devices that support real-time health analysis on the go, mobile health (mHealth) is here to stay.

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