How analytics can boost cyber defenses

James PhillippeJames Phillippe, Cyber Threat Management Leader at EY US, explains how analytics can help bolster the cyber defenses of financial services organizations.

As the volume of data being managed by banks today becomes ever greater, the danger posed by cyber attacks from fraudsters, hacktivists, organized crime groups and even unfriendly nation states continues to grow.

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CIOs: How to communicate cyber threats to the boardroom

Kim AndreassonKim Andreasson, advisor to the United Nations since 2003, explains how CIOs can influence boardroom thinking on global data threats.

Cybersecurity has evolved. Once, it was just a threat to an organization’s technology. Now, it is a significant risk that can disrupt enterprise-wide operations and endanger vital information.

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How the economics of cybercrime can grab the board’s attention

Close up of metal chainIt is a much-trumpeted business axiom that where many see only a problem, a few high performers see an opportunity. In the corporate world, being able to seize such opportunities often comes down, quite simply, to understanding what the board needs and going the extra mile to deliver it.

For CIOs, it is clearly a huge concern that cybercrime is becoming so prevalent — not least because it puts their jobs on the line if they fail to do enough to mitigate it. But at the same time, those who can translate a set of vague cyber risks into plain business and economic terms will be viewed rather differently around the boardroom table.

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