How to turn risk into business reward

author - mark brownDigital technologies, such as mobile, social media and the cloud, make it possible to collect and analyze data about customers’ needs and preferences, and use it to build stronger, more personalized, higher-value business relationships.

But while the abundance of customer data can help businesses succeed, it also introduces new and pressing risks. In the data-centric environment, failure to protect, manage and store digital information effectively can have major repercussions, from crippling regulatory penalties to long-term damage to consumer and stakeholder confidence.

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How to use big data to build better business partnerships

ey cio blog illustration - umbrellaWhat will big data and analytics achieve for your business? If you don’t ask, you won’t know.

The contradiction inherent in the big data revolution is that, while it depends on sophisticated new technologies and tools in order to collect, store and process information, the technical capability isn’t the real point. Rather, the value of big data lies in the actionable insights generated from it – and the business-wide benefits these insights can generate.

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How to remain relevant in a social world

EY CIO blog author - Adlai GoldbergHong Kong cinema-goers have encountered an odd new phenomenon at the movies recently: teenagers suddenly waving their smartphones at the screen and shouting “chok, chok, chok.” This isn’t in connection with some new 3D alien invasion film, but rather the runaway success of Coca-Cola’s recent viral social media marketing campaign in the region.

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