Four crypto-currency issues for CIOs

Stefano CiminelliStefano Ciminelli an Executive Director, Financial Services at EY, asks if crypto-currencies are on your agenda? Here are four reasons why they should be.

A series of bad press stories has ensured that awareness of cyber risks has shot up the corporate boardroom agenda of late. Whether it’s the loss of customer data (and payment details), breaches of critical systems or other risks, CIOs are under pressure to catalog their organization’s potential cyber risks — and explain how they’re being mitigated. Getting this wrong can be a make-or-break issue for many CIOs.

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The CIO and big data governance: integrity versus intuition

Scott SchlesingerScott Schlesinger a Partner in IT Advisory at EY, examines the three top tips for better big data governance.

Do you remember intuition? While senior executives may sometimes rely on it, big data is doing its best to make gut instinct redundant. Data-driven insight is giving substance to critical decisions, from how to maximize customer profitability to improving supply chain efficiency.

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Getting innovation-ready: the digital challenge for health care CIOs

Lisa KhoreyLisa Khorey, Executive Director – Advisory Services at EY talks about how CIOs in health care can use current innovations to perform a successful transformation.

As seen in the health care industry, CIOs can harness digitization and big data to drive innovation in their organizations and sectors. Across the US, Europe and parts of Asia, electronic medical records (EMRs) and electronic health records (EHRs) are gaining ground. This represents a fundamental shift from the era of traditional paper records, which involved expensive and sometimes inefficient manual processes.

Leading the digitization of records presents a fantastic opportunity for CIOs to serve a business hungry for innovation. By harnessing the explosion of big data from digitized records, health care organizations can provide patients with better-quality care at lower cost.

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CIOs: innovating to unlock the potential of omni-channel

Austin WidmoreAustin Wildmore, EY, Executive Director Advisory Services, looks at the four key challenges for consumer goods and retail CIOs.

Organizations are innovating with seamless new customer experiences that cross a multitude of channels, from bricks-and-mortar stores to smartphones. Omni-channel — which promises a seamless “any time, any place” experience, has become the engine of growth in consumer goods and retail.

As organizations re-engineer their supply chains to deliver a frictionless omni-channel experience, CIOs will have a crucial role to play.

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