Analytics trends that will reframe digital in 2016

Chris Mazzei Chris Mazzei, Global Chief Analytics Officer, EY, on the upcoming analytics trends that will reframe digital in 2016

Over the past months, we talked to various top level executives to learn more about the challenges, opportunities, and behavioral and social impacts of running a business in the digital world. These conversations uncovered some interesting analytics trends – going well beyond the “usual suspects” related to the volume, speed and variety of data. And we believe these are the trends that will capture the attention of businesses and their leaders over the next year.
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How CIOs can help women excel in the IT function

Smiling woman Uwe Michael Mueller, EMEIA PI Leader, EY, on why is it important for CIOs and organizations to invest in women’s advancement programs

Investing in women’s advancement programs is vital to building diverse and inclusive teams. As EY research shows, companies with a greater share of women in senior leadership including board roles, can achieve better financial performance.
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Why financial services CIOs should help their companies to open their data vaults

Yan JinBy Hyong Kim, FSO Global Data and Analytics Leader, and Yang Shim, Americas FSO Data and Analytics Leader

Data is the fourth pillar – people, processes and technology being the first three – for financial services companies. And data analytics, as all businesses know, can be a crucial competitive edge. Especially in uncertain environments, the most effective strategies can be the data-driven ones.

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Clear the skies, welcome the cloud: a glimpse into the CIO’s role in cloud source-to-pay implementation

Yan JinBy Yan Jin, Manager, EY (Coauthors: David Fields, Sharon Long, Kristin Galiano, Vicki Jarvis and Nathan Kurylo)

Successful businesses constantly adopt technology advancements to meet changing needs. For example, the adoption of source-to-pay (S2P) cloud solutions is an increasing trend. Many companies are either considering or making the investment to move their on-premise solutions to the cloud or adding S2P solutions to their enablement portfolio. The cloud is, in other words, the now and the next.

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