Motivating your people to reap the benefits of analytics

Chris MazzeiAnalytics can be intimidating. Chris Mazzei, Chief Analytics Officer at EY, takes a look at what can motivate teams to apply its insights.

Are your staff and managers intimidated by analytics? If they are, it could be holding you back from achieving any type of real change within your organization.

One-third of companies participating in a recent EY and Forbes Insight survey said that their employees don’t fully embrace analytics, and that’s a problem, since the insights and learning that analytics provides are so critical to finding future success.

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The CIO as an analytics change agent

Chris MazzeiIn the last in the series, Chris Mazzei, Chief Analytics Officer at EY, looks at how analytics can help you get ahead of the rest of the C-suite.

Should data and analytics be the responsibility of the CIO? The answer is … it depends. It depends on the organization, its structure and capabilities, and the nature of its data challenges. Nearly half (46%) of executives who participated in a recent EY and Forbes Insight survey say their organization has created the post of either a Chief Data Officer or a Chief Analytics Officer. But, whoever ultimately owns this responsibility, the CIO has a vital role to play in ensuring that the organization takes full account of the human – and wider behavioral – dimensions of the analytics challenge. This is an imperative that I have discussed in other posts in this series.

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The human side of analytics

Chris MazzeiChris Mazzei, Chief Analytics Officer at EY, examines the human challenges of analytics.

In a recent EY and Forbes Insight survey, one-third of executives worldwide said they are striving to build a strong analytics culture. But just as many reported that managers and staff feel threatened by analytics. This suggests that, as in so many efforts to embrace technology-driven change, organizations are focusing on the “hard” capabilities required and neglecting the softer ones, notably those relating to behavior.

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The behavioral dimension of analytics

Chris MazzeiChris Mazzei, Chief Analytics Officer at EY, looks at why you must build capabilities and change culture to embed analytics into your business.

Data analytics is in essence a science. But, in several important ways, it is also an art. Powerful technology can extract insights from data, but real value isn’t derived until the insights are put into practice. It is people who see to the latter, and their ability to make change happen that will determine the effectiveness of those actions. Successful analytic strategies therefore entail investment not only in capabilities, including technology and recruiting talented data scientists, but also in the development of organizational design experts. They also rely on giving due attention to the very human challenges posed by analytics, and the support of a powerful change agent, such as the CIO. I will explore these issues in two related posts.

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