Recycling for philanthropy: how CIOs can give something back

Computer Chip and Circuit BoardRapid advances in software mean that hardware is struggling to keep up. Therefore, we all have to replace company IT equipment increasingly often.

In the US alone, some 20 million PCs are disposed of each year. Aside from clogging landfill, e-waste is often environmentally damaging, because it contains hazardous materials. For example, a PC may contain around 2kg of lead. That’s 10 times more than a car.

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The case for a chief data officer

Dr Rainer MehlDr Rainer Mehl, Head of Manufacturing Consulting at NTT DATA, discusses why the role of the Chief Data Officer might be on the rise.

Over the course of the 20th century, sustained engineering advances propelled the automotive industry. From the incredible evolution of the internal combustion engine, through to today’s cutting-edge electric motors, these advances have been at the heart of the industry.

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How analytics can boost cyber defenses

James PhillippeJames Phillippe, Cyber Threat Management Leader at EY US, explains how analytics can help bolster the cyber defenses of financial services organizations.

As the volume of data being managed by banks today becomes ever greater, the danger posed by cyber attacks from fraudsters, hacktivists, organized crime groups and even unfriendly nation states continues to grow.

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