How to move ahead: six career tips for digital leaders

Teacher writing on blackboardCIO positions in digitally advanced companies are much sought-after roles filled by talented executives with a broad range of skills and experiences. And these individuals report very high levels of job satisfaction. For those working toward joining their ranks, the characteristics shared by digital-ready CIOs offer some important lessons.

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The oil and gas CIO in 2015: turning price catastrophe into IT opportunity

Astin ThomasAstin Thomas, Chief Information Officer of KBC Advanced Technologies plc, discusses the IT opportunities for the Oil and Gas CIO in 2015.

The headline-grabbing decline in global oil price is at the center of attention for every function in the oil and gas industry. IT is particularly well placed to mount a response. With margins under huge pressure, CIOs can use IT tools and applications to drive operational improvements and greater efficiency.

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Life sciences CIOs: using data to deliver growth

Michael McDaidCIOs in the life sciences industry have long been focused on one course of treatment for the sector’s health: cost containment.

Across pharmaceuticals, biotech and medtech, pressure on margins has kept control of technology spending as a top CIO priority. This is important, of course: if an organization is spending hundreds of millions of dollars a year on IT, it only takes a small drift to create a significant overspend.

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Power and utilities CIOs face a new world of smart data

Alain BollackThe introduction of smart technology is arguably one of the most transformational changes ever seen in the power and utilities (P&U) sector. These technologies can transform the electricity grid into an interactive and intelligent system that uses real-time information to manage supply and demand efficiently, sustainably and economically.

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