How to connect with the press

Bryan GlickThere’s a running joke at Computer Weekly: whenever a CIO gets in touch out of the blue to say they are available for interview, we know they are looking for a new job. It’s true that some IT leaders see talking to the press only as a chance for self-promotion. But why would an IT chief otherwise want to talk to the media?

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Chief collaboration officer: CIOs can expand their role to become champions for growth

Brainstorming in an officeDigital has not always been kind to the CIO.

In fact, you could argue that the traditional role of the CIO — leadership of enterprise infrastructure — has been diluted by digital technologies.

New technologies, such as cloud computing and software as a service, are often in the hands of service providers or the end customer. With the consumerization of IT, employees can explore new technologies away from the oversight and control of the IT function.

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The digital-ready CIO: top technology trends for 2015

Fibre Optic CablesGiven the emergence of the “CEO geek,” it is essential for CIOs to be digital-ready and ahead of the technology curve.

In the pre-digital age, CEOs and board members would frequently seek their assistants’ help as they struggled with their laptops. Today, with the consumerization of IT, senior C-level leaders are often savvy users of technologies, from smart mobile devices to the latest apps.

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