Summer is here – it’s time for a well-deserved breather

A woman in a swimming poolIt is summer here in Central Europe and we are rebooting.

As our CIO readers go out of office — or out of the country — to unwind, de-stress and enjoy the sun, the CIO blog goes into hibernation for the month of August.

We continue in September with a bag full of fresh posts and insights. Until then, stay safe, stay inspired.

CIOs must trust in analytics to delight customers

Woody DriggsWoody Driggs, Principal and Global Lead of the Customer Practice EY Advisory, discusses why data analytics is key to building trusted customer relationships.

The much-lauded TV series Mad Men, about the 60s advertising industry in New York’s Madison Avenue, reinforced the view that marketing is a world of “creativity.” But marketing today is as much about science as it is a creative art. CIOs understand that their CMO counterparts are transforming marketing performance through the science of customer analytics.

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The CIO as trust builder: earning customer trust through data analytics

Kristen VennumKristen Vennum, Principal in the Advisory Services Performance Improvement Customer Practice at EY, was recognized as one of the 100 Women Worth Watching by Profiles in Diversity Journal. In this post, she talks about the role of the CIO as a “trust builder.”

How important is trust to your business?

In a post-financial crisis world, where corporate reputations are subject to increasing scrutiny, trust has become a significant leadership issue. It has many dimensions, including the trust of employees, regulators or customers. Trust also has a common denominator – it must be earned through action. Simply saying “you should trust us” is inadequate.

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The CIO as creative disruptor: leading Purpose-Led Transformation

Mike KanazawaMike Kanazawa, Partner at EY’s US Innovation and Digital Strategy Practice and co-author of the transformation book, Big Ideas to Big Results, investigates the missing ingredient in most organizational changes.

If you tend to be satisfied with the status quo, you may not want to read any further.

CIOs are rightly concerned with the resilience and integrity of the organization’s systems. However, they are increasingly being asked to take a leadership role in transformation: questioning and disrupting the status quo to define a new future for the organization.

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