CIO or CDO? Do you fit the bill for the C-suite’s latest role?

David NicolsWhat do McDonald’s, Starbucks and L’Oréal have in common? They are all among the first global multinationals to appoint a chief digital officer (CDO) in addition to their existing CIOs.

My last two posts outlined what is driving the emergence of the CDO and what these new members of the C-suite will be mandated to do . But what implications does the CDO position have for CIOs?

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How the CDO’s remit will evolve

David NicolsLast week’s post explored the emergence of the chief digital officer (CDO) – the C-suite member responsible for overseeing an organization’s digital strategy. But even as this role finds its first posting within the corporate organization chart, it’s clear that it will be a position that evolves – as all executive functions do. The difference is that the evolution of the CDO’s role could be exceptionally rapid.

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